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Our Smart Imaging service has been designed as a cost-effective ‘insurance policy’ for organisations who might need to move against former or current employees in the event of evidence of wrong-doing or potential contract or covenant breach.
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Customers get a pack of ready-to-use disks or USB sticks preloaded with our proprietary SPEKTOR imaging software. For any exiting employee deemed a 'risk', for example, a C level executive, those with easy access to sales data or research material, or a suspected 'bad leaver', the protocol would be to immediately use the Smart Imaging disc or USB to image their devices.

This can be done by anyone, not just your IT team, and it captures everything in minutes - to a forensic standard. The imaged device - PC, laptop, server, USB drive - can then be released back for redeployment safe in the knowledge that there is a 100% accurate, evidentially sound copy available for later examination if required.

Customers can also take advantage of CCLs complementary services. If you need to call on your 'insurance policy' at a later date we can take the disk or stick, process the data and conduct an initial investigative review to help inform your next decision.

  • Image devices in minutes
  • 100% forensically accurate copy
  • Evidentially sound process
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Safely release devices back into pool


Smart Imaging offers:

  • A choice of pre-prepared disks or sticks in packs of five
  • Chain of custody checklist
  • Evidence bags
  • Telephone support

Flexible add-ons:

  • Pre-exit triage to identify uploads to cloud or USB sticks
  • Mobile phone forensics
  • Fixed-price processing and initial investigative review of imaged disks
  • Full end-to-end eDiscovery to support expanded enquiries, including collections, processing, review and production

To find out more about our Smart Imaging service download the factsheet.

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