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Our Smart Investigations service is designed as a turnkey solution for organisations needing to get rapid insight into an issue through thorough data retrieval and analysis.

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It allows for efficient data triage to uncover potentially critical evidence - a primary use case would be an employee or ex-employee suspected of wrong-doing or potential contract or covenant breach.

We collect and process the data and conduct an end-to-end investigation based on formal forensic standards, reporting back to the client to inform their decision making. At its simplest, it's about making a known out of an unknown.

The focus is on minimising cost and time to results, while safeguarding the evidential integrity of the data and the defensibility of the process.

As with all of CCLs Smart Services, Smart Investigations is offered as a standard, fixed-price offering so clients know exactly what they are getting each and every time.

A number of flexible add-ons - such as forensic collections, managed review, full EDRM* - are also available where a more bespoke or end-to-end service is required.

* EDRM = eDiscovery Reference Model


Smart Investigations is a fast, cost-effective service ideal for those who want a data-driven result without having to worry about process detail or long-term contractual commitments.

CCL manages all of the following:

  • Scoping call with senior collections analyst
  • Scoping and quotation < 48 hours, a fixed price promise
    • Forensic investigative phase - 3-stages:
    • - Forensic data collection (utilising one or a mix of self-imaging, CCL on-site or devices being sent in to lab; to be determined at scoping)
    • - Processing data to extract content and recover deleted data if possible
    • - Keyword searching and investigation to include external media usage, browser usage, cloud usage etc
  • Final report issued

To find out more about our Smart Investigations service, download the factsheet.

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