Darren Powney

Director of Cyber, Software Solutions & Business Development

Darren joined West Midlands Police in 1987 and has enjoyed 30 years in a variety of investigative roles, from volume crime, serious, organised and complex crime, including time on the West Midlands Police Murder Investigation Team and the investigation of international terrorism.

Following the 7/7 attacks in London (2005), he was recruited to join the National Counter Terrorism Network on inception in 2006. He played a leading role in the investigation of terrorism - being Forensic Manager, leading on all aspects of forensic work and sitting on National Counter Terrorism Forensic Boards, forming policy and practice across the UK CT network.

Over the last 5 years as a Senior Investigating Officer Darren has led on national and international terrorism cases. Some of his most high profile work in international terrorist activity includes working in Kiev; the Ukraine as investigative lead in the Pavlo Lapshyn case of 2013; leading as the UK investigative delegate for UK connections to the Paris attack of November 2015 and the Brussels Airport attack of March 2016.

Darren’s most recent role has been a Subject Matter Expert with the National Counter Terrorism Policing Head-Quarters (NCTPHQ) where he has developed and written national policy on investigating terrorism, as well providing investigative training across the UK CT Policing Network and to UK intelligence agencies.

He is now utilising this vast experience to complement the strengths of CCL operating across the private and public sectors with a continuing desire to contribute to the administration of justice, ensuring the public are protected and justice is served.

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